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manual Hand operated power free hand blenderIdeal Usage- Beating-Cream, Egg, cakes, coffee . hand mixing juice ,buttermilk ,milkThis Hand Blender/Beater/whisker Made From Good And High Quality Plastic And Stainless Steel MaterialSalient features: Easy to grip, high speed operation ,Extra durability,..
This all-in-one chopper, slicer and shredder has 3 easily interchangeable drum blades for vegetable chopping, slicing, shredding and grinding. Easy rotary wheel makes it easy to operate with minimal human effort. Just feed into it any vegetables or fruits you like, fit the right blade and just turn ..
Cuts apples and removes the coreMakes eight even slicesSharp and durable stainless steel blade for effortless cuttingEasy to clean and washMaterial: Plastic and stainless steelPackage Contents: 1-Piece Apple CutterCountry of Origin: India..
Bottle Opener Cum Tin Cutter Made from stainless steel & Virgin Plasticthis Class virgin plastic bottle opener with tin cutter add one of these devices to your kitchenware! This appliance is here to help you make opening containers easy!The sharp tin cutter helps to easily open up all the food c..
This set is the only you need in your kitchen or restaurant. Great for cutting vegetables, fruit and much more, the non-slip grip protects you and your family from nasty unnecessary accidentsDid you know that most cutting board on the market are not toxic-free and can harm your healthAll cutting boa..
This corn peeler is made of heavy duty Stainless SteelHigh efficiency.Use simple, easy useEasy to clean, it needs low maintenance ,This is safer than using a knife and even more, it's faster.It Has Adjustable Screws That Allow To Cut Any Sized Corn Cobs. This Cutter Is Easy To Use And WorksThis corn..
Multipurpose Beater Beating Cream,Eggs,etc,Liquidizing Tomato Soup, Dal,Churring Milk Shake,Lassi Butter Milk etc.comfortable grip for easy operationsmake repetitive tasks like Beating, Whipping, Churning & Liquidizing easyMade from stainless steel Easy To Maintain And CleanDepartment:Hand Mixer..
Color: Multicolour, Material: PlasticPackage Contents: 2-Piece (1 Green + 1 Pink) Vegetable Cutter with PeelerSleek and compact design allows easy storage, occupying very small spaceVery quick to cut accurate pieces of vegetable and some fruits easy manual wash and dry after washplease keep away fro..
Cut even slices of cake, pies, and pastries with this cake slicer. This pastry cutter has a Stainless Steel flute blade. It is corrosion-resistant. The handle provides a soft grip with extra comfort. Easy to use, Dishware safeHandle Material: Plastic, SUITABLE :: For cutting pizza, sandwiches, pastr..
Plastic handle for perfect gripStainless steel cutterThis pizza cuter from crystal is used for cutting pizzasColor: Multicolour, material: Stainless steelPackage contents: 1-piece pizza cutter..
Exclusive French fry Cutter with New Design. High Quality ABS & graded Stainless Steel Material, Easy To Use Easy To Clean Its Beezy. Cook Faster Smoother Smarter Perfect Tools for Perfect Taste. It is definitely tedious and time consuming Attributed with a storing container..
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